Scrabble Challenge

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Wooden word tilesIn the last few years I have had a lot of experience playing word games with my wife. She’s an excellent competitor in any word game you can throw her way. Recently I’ve been finding that I’m doing a lot better than I used to. Looking at some of the old score cards in the bottom of the Boggle box revealed that I am significantly better at Boggle than I used to be– but still no where near the level of my wife.

Curious about this, I started to do a little research online and discovered that word games are extremely healthy for your brain. In this short article I intend to show the reader how this apparently works– in plain English (none of that fancy scientific, not-really-English type stuff).

To start with, I believe that a quote from my wife would be most efficacious. She always says, “If you keep playing, you will get better!”

Aside from that, there are many other resources with a good grounding in their understanding of the human mind and what makes it tick. Some of the things that come into play here are the brain’s ability to remember things that we don’t even realize we have learned.

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